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Η ενεργειακή ανεξαρτησία: μετάδοση κίνησης πολλαπλού

An isolated pumping installation needs to collect previously discharged 500 l/s, and pump them at 32 m.c.a. A parallel, electrical grid is available to provide the specific energy deficit thereby guaranteeing pumping at a constant flow. The power demanded will be: kW = 500 x 30/85 = 188 kW.

Assuming an engine performance (0.96), an inverter (0.97) and a maximum loss (in Summer) of 22%, the photovoltaic power to be installed will be 258 kWp.


The photovoltaic field will consist of four ADES dual-axis four solar trackers ©, of 63.3 kWp with 192 panels arranged in 8 rows at different levels to improve cooling. Two trackers will operate a 100 kW engine. A third motor of the same power will be connected to the network to provide the deficits, as shown in the diagram.

foto 2

The graph below, sets forth the energy gains obtained with ADES dual-axis four solar trackers © versus a fixed installation at a 35 degree angle.


Flows pumped from both the available solar energy (200 kW) and from the grid (100 kW)

datos 2

The sum of pumped quantities (off-grid solar plus on-grid nocturnal) represents low-cost pumping capacities