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Η ADES συμμετέχει με ανακοίνωση στον IV Κύκλο Διασκέψεων για τη Βιομηχανική και Τεχνολογική Διαφοροποίηση

On December 2, 2010, the President of ADES Manuel Lahuerta Romeo participated in the 4th Lecture Series on Industrial and Technological Diversification .

The lecture took place at Ibercaja Patio de la Infanta  in Zaragoza, which was attended by various personalities from the Government of Aragón, Zaragoza University, Ibercaja, Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving , Hydrogen Foundation H2A and companies from different sectors. Such conferences are organized by Ibercaja with the objective of promoting joint research, development and innovation (R+D+i) on the technological and productive capacity of industry through the Ebro Valley.

As part of the first session of the series "Energy Diversification and Patterns of Consumption and Distribution", the president gave a lecture on ADES solutions for energy generation from renewable resources such as Wind Turbine Pendular, Transportable power plants, Energy and Towers Covers Energy among others.





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