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Lines of work

In order to ensure the technical viability of the SINTER, Six demonstrators will be developed, built and put into operation at several locations, with which the elements of generation, storage, electrical grid connection and control will be tested, making it possible to improve their features and their useful life, in addition to reducing their maintenance.


Demonstrator 1: Basic stabilizing system connected to the Endesa rural electrical grid


It will be located in the urban area of Zaragoza.


The purpose is to provide instant reactive power for voltage control.


Demonstrator 2: Stabilizing system with generation and storage of hydrogen, connected to the power grid


Located in Walqa technologic park – Huesca.


Stabilizing system using wind and photovoltaic generation and energy storage by means of hydrogen-generation, supercapacitors and batteries. It works connected to the main power grid.


Demonstrator 3: Isolated stabilizing system with reversible hydraulic pumping


Located in Valdabra (Huesca).


This involves building and testing a SINTER capable of operating connected to or isolated from the power grid, combining wind energy with reversible pumping, hydrogen (based on an electrolyzer) and supercapacitors, in an existing pump installation.


Demonstrator 4: Power grid stabilizing system for isolated operation and connected to the power grid


Located in ADES instalations in Tarazona.


This involves designing, building, and putting into operation a SINTER with capacity to operate isolated and connected to the power grid. This combines systems of wind and photovoltaic energy generation and supercapacitors. Dual integration will be realized, in direct and in alternating current, to compare advantages and disadvantages of each of them. The objective is double: To prevent plant activities from affecting the quality of the power grid and to improve the quality of the power supply.


Demonstrator 5: Power grid stabilizing system in the CEDER


Located in Soria, in the CEDER instalations (Spanish Center of Renewables Energies).


The operating capacity as a stabilizer of the CEDER power grid of a single aerogenerator is tested; its generation is conditioned to the needs of the CEDER.


Demonstrator 6: System for Testing and analysis of the proposed demonstrators

Itinerant location.


This involves a mobile laboratory whose purpose is to check fulfilment by the stabilizers of the different international and national grip codes (rules established by international and national organisms for the behaviour of the power grid), which allow their diffusion in weak and saturated grids.