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Sinter project

One of the goals in European and Spanish policies is increasing the number of generation sources and the share of renewable energies, as well as the saving and rational use of power supply.


The traditional power transmission grid is changing due to the new energy sources distribution, based in the location of the renewable asset, that have to behave dynamically like the traditional generators when there are contingencies.


On the other hand, despite the highly meshed spanish power grid, there are many places in which the power supply doesn’t match the quality and security standards. Most of these nodes are located in rural settings, small cities and industrial parks. Their customers suffer the consequences of being connected to weak or overloaded power grids:

  • Voltage drops lasting a few seconds or even some days.
  • Fluctuations of frequency and voltage out of allowed limits.
  • High harmonic distortion.

This problem comes up in industrialized countries as well as in developing ones. In the first group it is due to the excessive exploitation of power lines or the population dispersion, and in the second group it is due to the lack of power lines and the weakness of the grid.


The Stabilizing Systems that are going to be developed in this project represent a feasible alternative with great economic and environmental benefits compared to current solutions to these problems: new power lines, repowering of existing ones, installing diesel generators, etc.