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Avantages hydraulique: la flexibilité

ADES dual-axis solar trackers©, contain solar panels arranged in offset rows at different levels to improve cooling. This unique design allows greater energy capture in less space, thereby minimizing the occupied surface and optimizing the photovoltaic field.

grafica 2

The graph to your right sets forth the azimuthal and zenith angles of the solar trajectory as a function of the months and the solar time for a site located at the 40th parallel. The red zone highlights the data for the typical irrigation season (March-September) in which pumping commences upon the sun reaching a height of 20º. At an azimuthal angle of ± 120º with respect to solar noon, the sun reaches a zenith of 74º, on June 24, at which time pumping for 11 hours (from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm solar hours ), can be achieved by ADES dual-axis solar trackers ©.