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ADES entre dans le monde de l'éolien

After years of R&D, we announce our entry into the wind turbine manufacturing sector with the exhibition of our innovative pendular wind turbine with adjusted motor torque at the Spanish reference fair.


The unique design of the ADES wind turbine includes three passive mechanical systems: a swivelling single-blade rotor, a pendulum power train and a self-steering nacelle. The design compensates, accumulates and reinstates wind speed variations, preventing them from affecting the evenness of generator rotation and subsequently diminishing structural overload and power peaks caused by wind gusts.commitmentThe presentations models have power output of 100 and 250 kW, anticipating the release of an ADES 1.3 MW turbine of similar design in 2012.


Supplying energy of high quality, the ADES turbine can be utilized in new plants, in limited and off grids areas, in conjunction with other forms of energy generation, in the repowering of wind farms using the existing infrastructure.


We already have supply contracts for our wind turbines in Colombia (South America) and Letonia (Baltic State) and we hope to generate new enquiries for 2010 with the product launch in Saragossa.



Register on line: www.powerexpo.es


We will also perform two technical presentations, with the objective of presenting the technical qualities of our range of wind turbines:


“ADES a new wind turbine concept”


Presented by Manuel Lahuerta Romeo, CEO and CTO of ADES

September the 22nd, from 16h00 to 16h45

September the 24th, from 10h45 to 11h30


Let’s share with us the energy to create.