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ECODOMUS is a high quality, single-family house with adjustable orientation, designed by Moneo-Brock, with “0” energy consumption. It is a certified Passive House that is capable of generating maximum energy for its guidance technology and supplies 100% of that energy for its consumption and mobility of electric cars, thereby reducing the family energy cost to "0".

ECODOMUS achieves reduced total cost of ownership or rent due to:

Industrialized construction cost without waste materials cost

Industrialized assembly without labor cost of construction

Minimum maintenance due its quality construction, materials and passive house design

Maximum generation capacity of PV power due to its adjustable orientation up to 20kW installed on roof with pre-inclination according to latitude that power 100% its energy consumption of the living and the electric mobility of its owners


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High quality adjustable single-family house with adjustable orientation, exclusive design, and maximum levels of energy efficiency.

The structure only consumes 7,450 kWh per year, yet it is capable of generating over 44,000 kWh / year with its adjustable orientation technology and can supply 100% of its energy consumption as well as power electric cars.


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By design, it is capable of having over 20 kW of photovoltaic solar energy panels on one of its roofs, which together with its patented azimuthal rotation technology which rotates on demand around a central column, maximizes the solar energy gain captured following the orientation of the sun. 

This enormous amount of energy captured by ECODOMUS can cover not only 100% of the home’s consumption, but also recharges several electric vehicles. Alternatively, the excess energy can be sold according to the new EU Renewable Energy Directive[1].

Mobility cost = 0. Single-family homes and semi-detached houses generally depend on transportation to urban centers, which translates into high associated costs. Ecodomus and the electric mobility of a car reduce this energy cost to 0.

[1] Renewable Energy Directive