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Copertura energetica

Most advanced cities and infrastructures are incorporating architectural solutions able to take advantage of the available energy renewable resources for local energy generation. This means competitiveness and sustainability.


ADES’ solar rooftop technology contributes to this trend by integrating the ultimate advances in solar energy into an innovative and unique rooftop concept that doesn’t impact at all the building or infrastructure. This advantage makes the difference and opens also new possibilities with the surpassing of the restrictions inherent nowadays to the other types of conventional solar rooftops. Therefore, ADES’ rooftops allow a smarter usage of buildings, car parks, boulevards and different types of infrastructures, even being able to supply to electric vehicles in advanced urban transportation solutions.




Our  energy rooftops stand out by:

   - Being stiff and lightweight with minimum wind resistance, adapting to the building perimeter and reaching huge spans (30-40m) between supports and with big overhanging. These characteristics make them suitable to cover large free spaces.

   - Direct support to the building pillars, overflying air conditioning units, breathers, etc, without compromising roof tightness and without weight penalty, shading it and so reducing his thermal load. A “whole-structural” is achieved, improving the seismic characteristics of the building.

   - Integrating solar collectors on top of a spatial structure consisted of superposed pyramids. Over that structure, the photovoltaic panels are fixed and easily articulated to cope with their Zenith focus taking into account latitude and season. Other possibility is mounting them on a swivel support giving them sun trajectory tracking capability and thus maximizing the energy production.  This special structure allows, if wished, the embedded installation of small wind turbines able to generate additional energy complementary to the solar energy production.

   - In car parks, including  an unique own-design solar tracking for shading the vehicles  while collecting maximum energy .



The power and energy supplied by an ADES rooftop varies with the specific location, the available rooftop surface and the solar radiation level in the spot. In a first approach PV power density will vary between 77 and 140W/m² for oriented PV modules and 70W/m² for tracking PV modules.

Collected energy will be aprox 120kWh/m²per year with a +/-30% variation in oriented PV modules and a gain by module of 15 to 30% in case of installing tracking capacity. Roof weight, energy collectors included, is about 39 kg/m², with distance between knots of 2,18m and edges of 1 to 1,6m.



To prepare a specific proposal based in our energy rooftops, we need from your side the following information:

    - Location, latitude, surface to be covered and orientation.

    -In case of buildings and overhanging: actual roof drawings with pillars indication (or founding), together with pictures of roof with indoor and outdoor access. In case of car parks, layout drawing (GoogleMaps, etc).

    - In case of being connected to the grid and being considering  “net metering”, your electricity bills related to a whole year period and an estimation of your electricity demand for the next 3-5 years period .