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ADES à Toronto
ADES at Solar Conference in Toronto.
ADES au salon HTE-HI.TECH.EXPO de Milan
ADES invites you to PV TECH EXPO 25 – 28 November 2008 in MILAN.
Nouvelle génération de systèmes de poursuite solaire ADES
ADES has presented a new generation of solar trackers at the Power Expo fair in Zaragoza in September 2008.
Premiers systèmes de poursuite solaire ADES en Italie
This week, in Ancona, two solar trackers - model 7f 16m of a unitary power of 25kW - will be installed.
ADES installera un centre de production et de distribution de systèmes de poursuite solaire et d'éoliennes à Tarazona
ADES will install a centre for production and distribution of solar trackers and eolic turbines in Tarazona.
Rendez-nous visite à l'occasion du salon Solarexpo de Vérone
Succès de la pince de traction au salon Genera
Endesa mise sur ADES
ENDESA INGENIERA, the leading company in the energy sector, with significant environmental commitments, is committed to the dual-axis Ades solar tracking technology at its photovoltaic energy facilities.