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Centre technologique ADES

      Located in the Tarazona Industrial Area (Zaragoza), the Technology Centre has facilities for prototype testing, laboratory testing, libraries and training areas. These resources, at the service of teaching and highly specialised technical staff, ensure the transmitting of knowledge and the fostering of new fields of Renewable Energies.


      Among its assets, ADES has engineering services, which range from the study and the evaluation of the available resources, to the design and building of the machine that will best interact with the resource in order to obtain the required energy from it and then manage it in accordance with the sought objectives.


      The experience that ADES has developed by in the implementation of singular projects that hybridise several renewable energy sources (solar, wind and hydro) with energy storage systems and others, encounters through its Technology Centre, the most adequate touchstone for fostering its knowledge and dissemination, offering a training concept that sets us apart.




      Renewable energies is a key strategic business sector worldwide due to its huge potential for development and the generation of social stability. Under this premise, ADES Technology Centre was created as a centre of excellence and a reference for the knowledge, study, development and implementation of renewable energies, intended for the training of students and professionals to reap the benefits from all this: economic, environmental, for local development, technological and social.



  • 1200 m2 built
  • 7000 m2 outside laboratory with real machinery
  • technical classrooms equipped with the latest equipment
  • 14 study rooms, a library and a conference room
  • its own dining room, cafeteria and kitchen
  • WiFi installed in the entire centre





      In the design of the main building, with 1,200 m2, energy efficiency and sustainability criteria of an advanced nature have been applied to maximise the efficient use of natural light.


      The building has an energy roof developed by ADES capable of integrating both wind and solar technology in order to self-generate the energy needed to operate the centre. It also has an air renewal system, based on "Canadian Tubes" technology, which works by circulating air through underground collectors. This system allows the air to be renewed in a natural way, taking advantage of underground heat exchange.


      All this makes the building a benchmark of bioclimatic architecture and a new landmark in the County of Moncayo and the city of Tarazona. of multipurpose facilities at the service of knowledge and the transfer of ADES technology.






  • To facilitate and promote knowledge of renewable energies to the international community with the ADES technology park as a logistics platform.
  • To serve as an tool in the transfer of know-how to outside companies licensed by ADES.
  • To establish nuclei and forums for knowledge of the applied research, the R&D&I in collaboration with companies and public and private institutions linked to the renewable energy sector.
  • To innovate in applied training projects and to foster training, vigilance, technology transfers to industry and the dissemination of knowledge, all within the framework of renewable energies.
  • To contribute a reference added value to the industrial fabric, making ADES become the benchmark for knowledge on renewable energies at an international level.


      The ADES Technology Centre is fully aware of the training needs of the industry and of its concerns and worries. ADES as a developer of innovative technology, in turn tries to meet these needs, so that the knowledge society may feel permanently supported.