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Nouveaux produits ADES au salon Intersolar

Two new possibilities will be launched at this opportunity:


The Transportable Power Stations ADES, are new equipments that combines wind, solar and fossil fuel energy sources with accumulation systems and the necessary electrical boards to arrive and plug in (Plug & Play). Are builted over a trailer or container and are available from 10, 50, 60 and 70 Kw. The fuel efficiency obtained by this solution, which enables profitable results within a very short time, is a special benefit of this equipment.


This product range has been specially created to provide electricity in: remote areas, mining areas, islands, rural electrification, emergencies and post emergency camps, and as support businesses equipment, hotels, among others, providing also water pumping and desalination process.


ADES introduces also their Energy Roofs, innovative structures containing solar wind integration, with accumulation system, whose design features allows easy assembly to new or existing buildings (houses, buildings, hotels, hospitals, parking lots, etc. ..)


With the introduction of these new concepts, ADES continues to strengthen their integration into the renewable energies market, not only as suppliers of solar trackers, but as an engineering company, that develops and provides real alternatives and solutions to enable the lightening of a village housing away from the access power network, but providing also energy enough to enable these communities to develop businesses and to improve their quality of life.


You can find us at booth outdoor FG 360, with the actual products, as major players in the trade.