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ADES en Grèce

The project will have 3 solar trackers 33 Kwatt each for a total power of 100 kW.


The company MECHANODOMIKI, based in Thessalonica, closed the project with ADES having completed more than 500 KW projects in his country. The machines will be installed in the first week of March.


The height limitations of trackers on the Greek market have led to sale of the new elliptical model, which allows higher power density on the land (1 MW = 3.7 ha) and is adjusted in height to the requirements of the Greek legislation. With a rate of more than 0.45 € / kWh for 20 years and 40% grants from the EU, Greece could be transformed into a highly attractive market for investments in photovoltaic.


The presence at the show EnergyRES in Athens last week, ADES confirms its strong international expansion with definitive objectives and progress in European markets.