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Our facilities


  • Zaragoza: technical offices, commercial and administration centre
  • Tarazona: prototypes testing, assembly of ADES machines and training centre

To be consistent with our business expansion and following the philosophy of ADES, we have built special facilities for testing and assembly of ADES machines as well as teach our technology. Tarazona (Zaragoza) ADES centre will have more than 22,000 m2. Our objective is to expand our research and development possibilities and train experts for various markets of the world.




ADES Training Centre: "We do not sell fish, we teach to fish ..."

The training centre, operational from S3/2010, consists of 14 study rooms, library, recreation room, kitchen, classrooms and control rooms of our world wide installations for their supervision via Internet. Theoretical and practical training will be given to our customers and workers to keep our machines operating for the long time. Our products go together with the know-how required for installation and maintenance for many years.