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Technology transfer

      ADES considers that technology transfer is the quickest and most effective procedure for our products to be positioned in the different international markets, guaranteeing an adequate after-sales service.


      The transfer of knowledge associated with our developments, must allow the receiving company to manufacture ADES products with quality standards identical to those of ADES and guarantee the provision of an after-sales service that is capable of a timely response to customer needs.


      ADES, through its Technology Centre, has the human and material resources necessary to ensure that the process of transferring its knowledge and its know-how is done as effectively as possible. The ADES Technology Centre, located at our manufacturing and prototype testing facilities, has the necessary resources so that staff training is done in the shortest possible time and in direct contact with the equipment, which the said personnel are going to be in charge of manufacturing and maintaining.


      In general, the technology transfer is achieved through a direct sale by ADES to companies established in other countries, where ADES commits itself to the process of implementing its technology in the receiving company, until the latter is capable of providing all the services associated with the product, as if it were ADES itself.


      If the receiving company so wishes, an ADES participation formulas can always be implemented in a joint venture, when by the synergies between both companies, it can be deduced that there will be an improved turnover in the related market.