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Consultancy services

      We have a team of engineers with 18 years of experience in renewable energies, which allows us to be capable of analysing all the available resources and the required components, in order to find an energy solution tailored to the specific project.


      The problems posed by each project are overcome as the systems developed by ADES accomplish the task of energy production and savings possible, allowing stable networks to be deployed. The experience of our professionals is the best guarantee of our solutions.


      Our consultancy services start with the customer's approach to an energy problem, both for the installations connected to the electricity grids, and for solving supply problems in remote areas. This includes the following steps, depending on the type of project:

  • To prepare expected demand forecasts (electricity consumption guidelines by home and for community services)
  • To analyse the potential of the resources in the area (solar, wind and hydro)
  • To define the levels of renewables penetration within the project in accordance with a cost estimate
  • To prepare the preliminary design of the installation
  • To do a simulation of meeting demand, ensuring the functioning of the system at 100% performance
  • To prepare financial studies, including the operation and maintenance costs