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The principles upheld by our business and technological activity include designs aimed at maximum flexibility for the machines, constant technological improvements and the search for real energy alternatives.



ADES intended to be an actor to contribute to sustainable development of societies, and become a reference in the creation of innovative technology products, especially in the field of renewable energy and its applications.



ADES is a company with a strong engineering R & D that, subject to market demands, promotes the design and implementation of new applications related to renewable energies.



The experience we have gained over recent years has enabled us to define a series of values that comprise the keystone of our activity, to which we are absolutely committed:



Our R&D department works non-stop on research and innovation, implementing technological solutions that improve the performance of our products.


Patented technology

All our products are patented in Spain and internationally. Our company goal includes offering our customers the highest guarantees for the future. Therefore, we believe that protecting our technology and guaranteeing our longevity is also one of our obligations.


Continous learning

Our experience and constant efforts in research and development have enabled us to discover the reality in terms of solar, hydraulic and wind power, to learn from our mistakes and to develop even more solvent ways to improve technologically. With this mentality, we also collaborate on specific projects with other companies and large international groups.


Technical assistance

We have a highly-qualified and accessible technical service, which includes an after-sales service that offers preventative and corrective maintenance for the machines. Our goal is to maintain a close relationship with our clients.


Qualified staff

One of our objectives is to have the highest qualified professionals and, given that we operate in an innovative sector experiencing incredible growth, we have an important internal training policy that enables us to rapidly implement all new knowledge. With that in mind, feel free to consult our employment vacancies.