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Nazareth project (La Guajira, Colombia)

Currently the town of Nazareth in the region of La Guajira (Colombia), as many other towns in the world, has no provision of electricity service in spite of having a generator, because of the poor state of electricity networks.


Fuel high prices, due to the increase in the international prices, coupled with the difficulty of access to this district, difficult and expensive power supply in this zone interconnected.


Due to the above, it is imperative the search for new alternatives to the current generation.


The solution proposed by ADES is the integration of different energy sources to ensure supply. For them it will include two wind turbines that will support PV plant and the existing generators.




The results of this project will result in saving fuel and extending the hours of community service.


To undertake this project was an UTE (Temporary Consortium) was set up with two Colombian companies responsible for onsite supervision.

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