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Lecture at 4th Lecture Series on Industrial and Technological Diversification
Speech by President of ADES Manuel Lahuerta on Renewable Energy Solutions
ADES in Australia
Installation of a pilot tracker in the Solar Technology Park (DKASC)
ADES in Colombia
ADES continues it international expansion with the establishment of a new company in Colombia. ADES, following its success in recent years in the renewable energy business, has entered South America in the past few months, where it is developing several energy projects for generating electricity using sustainable resources.
ADES Technology Centre
Located in the Tarazona Industrial Area (Zaragoza), the Technology Centre has facilities for prototype testing, laboratory testing, libraries and training areas.
Portable Power Station for the Off-Grid Market
ADES reached a great success at Intersolar Munich with the presentation of the new range of Portable Power Stations (PPS).
ADES New Products at Intersolar Munich
ADES introduces their new energetic solutions at the Munich Intersolar 2010 fair trade
ADES announces the appointment of Greece Sales Manager
From the 19th of April, a Mechanical Engineer, Marios Dramalis joins ADES team as Country Manager for Greece.
New Wind Turbine concept at EWEC
ADES concept, with a power range from 100 to 250 kW, includes it in the medium size turbines market. Actually the turbines are being tested in Spain, and will be available to the market in 2011.
New ADES Projects in Greece in 2010
ADES has started the new decade with a focus on business growth in the promising Greek market, building on progress made in the market in 2009. Three 100 kW parks have been built in Greece using ADES 6f 29m model trackers (Korinos, Kilikis and Grevena), with each tracker hosting 33 kW.