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Schneider Electric will cooperate with ADES Technology Centre
Schneider Electric, referente mundial en gestión de la energía, dotará a ADES Centro Tecnológico de la tecnología más innovadora para potenciar la formación práctica de los futuros profesionales
Published the Royal Decree for small power facilities
Published on BOE the Royal Decree which regulates the connection of small power facilities
ADES TV report in TVE
ADES Technology Centre on Spanish Television news, at Tarazona, stating that it has become the first and only training centre of Aragon which is approved for all Renewable Energy specialties from the family of Energy and Water
IBERCAJA and ARAID co-finance the international dissemination of ADES patents
Through the program "AID FOR INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT OF ARAGONESE PATENTS" awarded by the Foundation ARAID with the help of Social Work Ibercaja, both will co-finance the international dissemination of ADES patents
Excellent results for ADES solar tracker in Australia
The ADES solar tracker, the most efficient installation in the Australian Solar Platform.
ADES innovations at Navarra Factori
ADES presents its wind turbine as an innovation in CEIN’s Navarra Factori exhibition
Next event: WRETC_21st to 23rd April 2011
ADES will participate in the World Renewable Energy Technology Congress_21st to 23rd April, 2011
ADES at MIECF 2011_31st March - 2nd April
Visit us at the MIECF in Macao from 31st March to 2nd April 2011
SINTER Project at the conference "Science and Innovation of the Energy Sector"
SINTER presented their results at the conference "Science and Innovation in the energy sector" organized by the MICINN
Implementation of the PV solar farm in Amygdalies, Grevena (Greece)
Has started the implementation of the PV in Amygdalies, Grevena (Greece)
Published ADES Wind Turbine PCT Patent
Publication of the International Patent for ADES's Compensated Motor Torque Wind Turbine
Media presence of ADES Technology Centre
ADES Technology Centre in the newspaper Periódico de Aragón on Sunday 16 of January 2011
Progress in the Sinter Project
The three Sinter Project ADES Wind Turbines have been put into service